Bangkok Bachelors Party Guides

When you book with Bangkok Bachelors, you’ll be escorted, at all times, by our incredibly knowledgeable, smart and sophisticated Tour Manager. She’ll be only too pleased to indulge your every whim, tell you the best places to visit and cater to the needs of your whole gang.

This leaves you free to sample the exciting Bangkok night-life without having to trifle over the small details, something a lot of badly-organised stags in Bangkok get bogged down with.

Bangkok night-life can be notoriously colourful, sometimes seedy and always action-packed. With our well-informed and intrepid escort, you will feel in very safe hands, witnessing the true variety Bangkok has to offer whilst avoiding any real trouble. You can completely let go with no need to worry about being swindled at clubs, dealing with dodgy bouncers or getting involved in silly brawls. Navigating the occasionally dubious Bangkok legal hierarchy or babysitting that drunken pal who overdoes it early in the evening will never be a problem with Bangkok Bachelors.

We’re here to handle even the tiniest of arrangements, leaving you completely stress-free, and allowing you to enjoy your playtime with no hassles or worry. Don’t feel dumb asking us questions that might seem obvious; we are here to put your mind at rest so that you can focus on having a good time!

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