Bangkok Bachelors Themed Parties

Is your stag a doctor? Perhaps he works on a building site? Is he a plumber, banker or teacher? Whatever theme you want for one of your wild nights out, Bangkok Bachelors can help you get your hands on the costumes and props you need to make this a night to remember and take some of the messiest photos on Facebook!

Perhaps you want matching outfits? To dress as animals? Or maybe as the bride herself (we know how lads actually love to don a frock!) Perhaps you need some t-shirts making up or a spectacularly embarrassing outfit for your stag while the rest of you cruisers look dapper?

Whatever your request, let us know and we’ll contact with some of the best-stocked and most helpful fancy dress businesses to ensure you have the most epic Bachelor party in Bangkok.

Don’t leave the dressing up to the hens; show them how it’s done!

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