Bangkok Bachelors Fetish Party

Do you have a certain fetish or, let’s say…an itch you need to scratch? Well, Our one-of-a-kind venue where you will find treats, hot beats, and freaks: everyone is welcome and nothing is off limits!

Whips, role play, domination and submission are all roles the 30 girls who work here are familiar with and they’ll be happy to meet your needs. Whether you’re just looking for a laugh or something a little more intense, then this could the place you find what you’re looking for. Word to the wise: for a lot of the girls it’s a lifestyle as much as a job.

So, whether it’s BDSM, role play or just the sight of a hot girl in a nurse’s outfit that sparks your interest, Demonia could be the perfect place for the group to fulfil their fantasies and get revved up for a night in Bangkok!

As an extra perk, the owner’s a close friend of Bangkok Bachelors, so if you want a visit, a VIP corner, private room or whatever you require is all readily available at great rates.

Remember: what happens in Bangkok, stays in Bangkok! So book your Bangkok fetish party today

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