Bangkok Bachelors Pampering

bb pampering

Do you fancy getting in touch with your metrosexual side? There’s no harm in a little Manpering, eh lads!

Thailand is the perfect place to lay back, close your eyes and indulge in a little ‘me time.’ This country invented the massage and takes pride in the nurturing of mind, body and soul…so it would be rude not to.

At Bachelor Bangkok, we have sourced the very best pampering hot-spots in the city and are there to ensure that your massage is performed by professionals to the very highest standard.

A wide range of pampering experiences is available including firm but fantastic Thai massages that will leave you feeling a foot taller. Allow soothing masseuses to melt away the tensions in your back, arms and legs with their expert hands. Once fully relaxed, you might also enjoy a revitalising facial (you need to look your best on those wild nights in the city!) a head and neck massage or a steam and sauna session.

There is an unbelievable array of wellness packages available with Bangkok Bachelors such as a traditional Japanese Hot Bath; or sensual four hand massage, it’s the perfect way to relax, catch up on last night’s crazy stories and rejuvenate for another epic night on the town!

So find some time out to get away from the 100mph living and find your inner Zen!

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